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   The Dream
   SCCA Rally
   E21 Enthusiasts
   Rally Racing
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Just personal stories relating to my BMW and cars/racing in general.
How it all began and my history of off-road vehicle abuse.
The rough journey to bring my BMW home.
A series of events that demotivated me.
Radical things to do to a 320i.
See what different paint jobs look like.
Check out some body "options".
See what different wheels that fit the 320i look like.
Technical data for the 320i and some how-to's.
Good off-road racing action I've witnessed.
The process of modifying my 320i.
What I want/need to be done, and how close I am.
Stuff that's older than one month.
What's happened this month.
The BMW in action and the results thereof.
Internet sites related to these interests.
Fans of the BMW E21 body cars.
Off-road racing websites.
Replacement and performance parts for the E21's and others.

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